Monday, March 10, 2014

Thought's on the movie, "Rush"

I was really inspired by the movie, "Rush". It had an awesome motif of the two types of champions, a technically disciplined champion versus a confident instinctive champion. Knowledge versus Confidence, Fear versus Ego. My favorite quote is Niki Lauda's line to James Hunt, "You should try [flying]. It's good for discipline. You have to stay within the rules, stick with regulations, suppress the ego. It helps with the racing." I feel more relatable to Lauda's character, but can't deny the temptations of a suppressed persona like Hunt's. I think this motif in the movie isn't about two types of people, but more of the dual personas a single individual can take. Both aren't necessarily wrong and the truth is, there is a balance to be discovered from recognizing how to accept characteristics of both.