Saturday, February 8, 2014

Serato DJ 1.6 DVS Report

After using Serato DJ Thursday night, I report that the software is still buggy. I used it in timecode mode, with 1 MIDI controller. Here's my current analysis.

Computer specs:
Mid 2011 Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch
2.4 Ghz Quad Core
Mavericks OSX
750 GB 7200rpm HHD (200 GB used)
1 TB Lacie Thunderbolt HHD (for Serato Library)

Hardware tested on:
Rane SL3
Rane 62

Tenth of a decimal BPM read out. Awesome for blends and quick mixing without headphones. Awesome for digitally accurate CDJ's but I would imagine it being jumpy on turntables.

8 hot cues.

Bigger color code section. No more color confusion.

4 deck use; awesome for 3 decks using SL3.

The purchasable Pitch n Time DJ is much more awesome sounding than the standard key lock. So much cleaner.

I thought the Base Pack effects was limited compared to SSL effects but I found almost everything I needed in the free Wolf Pack. Still looking for a Roll Out type effect.

Rane 62 does not BPM sync effects to track. Must constantly use tap which takes too much time to get accurately.

Loop roll is not MIDI mappable. Go around is to use Serato Remote on the iPhone for loop rolls. Seems like loop roll is exclusive for purchased accessory hardware like the Pioneer DDJ-SP1.

Some BPM analysis off by 0.1

A few USB drop outs, but fixed when buffer moved from 2ms to 5ms.

Use of deck 1, deck 2, recorder, and sampler stuttered the buffer. Fixed when buffer moved from 2ms to 5ms.

MIDI settings did not save properly. All though I loaded the settings file, had to remap all the settings when going from an SL3 to a 62.

It may be a hardware issue but using Serato DJ seemingly robs more power from USB. I don't know how this is possible but my MIDI controller which is USB powered kept restarting, which never happened before.

Maximum pitch range limited to 50% as opposed to 100%. This may no affect practical mixing but limits my ability to do my MIDI drum pad scratch technique. I don't know how this affects HID mode. I speculate 100 is available in HID mode. Will do further testing.

Have not tried HID mode with Pioneer CDJ-2000Nexus since there were too many reports of bugs.

Have not listened to the recording files to see if the limiter problem in the Rane 62 has been solved that was present when recording on Scratch Live on a Rane 62.

Serato DJ still too buggy to be used. I would consider version 1.6 as to be treated as Beta. Serato seems to have neglected to fine tune important operational features. However, my understanding is Serato is low in engineering resources, hence why development can be slow and sometimes late. Which is why I believe Serato DJ was created as a more profitable system. Used TTM57's and SL1 boxes sold second hand do not make the company money for software use; so now they created DJ where not only does it support new hardware, but also has purchasable plugin upgrades. Serato has made a more efficient money making machine but has some bugs to work out for the program to be reliable.

I will be doing further testing in HID mode. I was supposed to do so last night but after all the bugs Thursday, I did not want to take a risk.

Currently I do not recommend Serato DJ for use, I tested it only in an opening slot situation and will not use it live until the next update.

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