Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quincy Jones Cries About EDM

I may agree, I'm not a fan of Lil Wayne. But for a person who is a big icon in music history, this was a boldly ignorant statement. If you read it, he calls it "techno" which reveals he knows nothing of the music. I have no problem with some one not liking something. Individual tastes makes us unique. But I would expect more from an iconic musician than to be a bitter old man being a  cry baby about the money others make doing what they love; and furthermore being bitter because people like something different from what they used to do.

Do typist cry because computer word processors replaced the typewriter? Maybe they did, but in the overall spectrum, being a good writer doesn't mean you have to be a good typist. Just like being a good song writer or producer no longer means you have to be a good musician. There's new things that one can work hard on and what's important is more people can express music from the heart, rather than being limited by their tools.

Sorry Quincy, you have an awesome history, and you're a legend, but once a tomato decides he is ripe, the only thing left is to rot. And I'm sure for one not going to join the bandwagon who's backing you up on this.

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